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The coronavirus officer in our villas is SERDAR ÇALIŞ. (Tel: +90 543 565 5511)


The common area in our facility is our Reception (Service House) unit. There can be a maximum of three people at the same time as guests / staff. At the entrance, place marking was made for the approach boundary.


The fever of our guests will be measured with a contactless thermometer at the entrance. If the fever is more than 38 degrees, Kas State Hospital will be notified and the person will be treated according to the Hospital Report as a result of the examination.


Upon arrival, our guests will be asked to fill out a "signed declaration form". Guests who are followed by the Ministry will not be accepted to our villas.


The contact information of the health institutions to be contacted in case of illness, symptom and emergency for our guests and staff is given below.


Kaş State Hospital:

Gökseki Mahallesi, Antalya on the Kalkan Road, Kas / Antalya
Tel: +90 242 8361185
Tel: +90 242 836 1184


Kaş District Health Directorate:

Andifli, Çukurbağ Sok. No.27 Kas / Antalya

Tel: +90 242-836 1464


The contact details of the officers to be applied in these cases are as follows:

Serdar Calis: +90 543 365 5511

Burhan Şenerdi: +90 532 322 0015


There is a disinfection mat at the entrance of our reception unit. There are also enough masks, gloves, visors and antiseptics. Our responsible staff will work using them.


At the door entrance, a hygiene waste box is placed. The wastes here will be collected and disposed of separately, without being combined with other garbage.


In our reception area, sufficient ventilation will be provided before the acceptance of each new guest and tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. Items such as hygienic chemicals will be wiped and then moisture will be removed with a clean cloth.


Our service personnel will use masks and gloves at the entrance and exit of the villa for service / supply purposes. In case of carrying the belongings of the guests at the villa's entrances, every point contacted will be removed with disinfectant.

For the guests staying in the same villa or of the same family, social distance condition will not be required in the common areas.


In our villas, bedspreads, bedsheets, pillowcases, etc. are offered to our guests. Such materials will be washed at least 60 degrees per week during the stay. These materials will be cleaned / disinfected after guests leave.


The villa will be cleaned / disinfected and ventilated after the stay of our villa guests. Mask and visor will be used while cleaning. Disinfectant, detergent etc. will not be confused with. Door handles, handrails, electrical buttons, shower faucets, tables and coffee table surfaces will be wiped and dried with disinfectant.

Disinfectants will be stored in the House of Service, out of the sun.


Cleaning and hygiene of the swimming pool will be provided to the maximum extent. Chlorine level will be checked daily by keeping chlorine level in pool water between 1 and 3ppm.


Basic training was given to our staff on the use of plans, hygienic materials and protective equipment to be implemented in the enterprise.

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